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Other Interests

BORSIG Compressor Parts GmbH based in Gladbeck/North Rhine-Westphalia with a sales office in Flensburg/Schleswig-Holstein has been a BORSIG group company since 2009. This subsidiary of BORSIG ZM Compression GmbH deals with the development, manufacture and renovation as well as modification of compressor valves.

Website of BORSIG Compessor Parts GmbH


GMT Membrantechnik GmbH based in Rheinfelden/Baden-Württemberg, a subsidiary of BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH, is an internationally successful manufacturer of membranes and membrane modules.

Website of GMT Membrantechnik GmbH


BORSIG Boiler Systems Sdn Bhd based in Gebeng/Malaysia, a subsidiary of BORSIG Boiler Systems GmbH, offers German boiler technology made in Malaysia. On a site with a total area of 42,000 m2, the company produces steam and hot water boilers as well as boiler pressure components for the oil and gas industry, the chemical and petrochemical industry and power plants. The production is equipped with the latest machine technology for boiler production and meets even the highest quality demands.


BORSIG Industrial Services Sdn Bhd based in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia, a subsidiary of BORSIG Service GmbH, is a service company for the Malaysian and South East Asian market. The company has supplied extensive services for the oil and gas industry, the petrochemical and chemical industry, energy providers, power plants and other industrial plants.

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