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Certificates, Quality Assurance

Our quality inspection and control, which is independent of the production and product lines, guarantees that materials to be processed, components produced, assemblies, products and service always meet the highest standards. Our quality assurance monitors adherence to national and international regulations, statutory and contractual requirements, and the directives and standards set by us.

Reliability through strict quality monitoring

  • From establishing the customer needs
  • Through construction, work preparation, completion
  • Acceptance and handover to the customer
  • To after-sales service.

For the smooth interplay of quality, occupational safety and environmental management, we have brought these areas together into an integrated management system (IMS).


Our certificates (excerpts):

ASME U, U2, S and R, AD 2000 HP0, TRD 201 and DIN-EN 3834, quality certificate SQL of the People’s Republic of China, pressure equipment authorisation of Korea etc.

In 2003, the entire BORSIG group introduced the integrated management system (IMS), comprising DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 (quality), ISO 14001: 2009 (environment) and SCC (occupational safety).



BORSIG Certificates

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