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Transfer Line Exchangers

Our transfer line exchangers (“tunnelflow” and “linear” transfer line exchangers) or quench coolers are used in plants producing ethylene as the input material for making plastics. We have developed two design types of transfer line exchangers, reflecting the customer´s plant concept:

  • “Tunnelflow” Transfer Line Exchanger (pipe bundle equipment) or a
  • “Linear” Transfer Line Exchanger (double pipe design)

The furnace concept determines the construction type. However, what all our transfer line exchangers have in common is the objective: rapid cooling of the cracked gas.

In so called cracking furnaces, crude oil products (such as petrol/diesel) are thermally split to cracked gas at approx. 1,000°C. In addition to other gases, this cracked gas also contains ethylene. In order to obtain a maximum gain of ethylene, the cracked gas has to be cooled down very rapidly to approx. 400°C. This cooling process takes place in our transfer line exchangers (coolant is water). The high pressure steam resulting from the cooling process is conducted to a steam drum where it is used for energy recovery purposes. In subsequently arranged vessels, the ethylene is separated from the other gases and pure ethylene is obtained in the final phase.