BORSIG ValveTech GmbH
Process steam technology

Motive Steam Nozzle

When it comes to cooling requirements close to saturated steam our motive steam nozzle is your product of choice. Designed for hypercritical pressure conditions it utilizes motive steam which is accelerated to sonic speed producing an ultra-fine droplet-sized spray for maximum heat transfer resulting in extreme short mixing sections. 
Our nozzle technology ensures a perfect atomization of cooling water to provide high-quality steam for maximum plant efficiency.

Product Characteristics

Pressure class:

  • up to 420 bar / ANSI Class 2500

Connection cooling water:

  •  from 1“ / DN 25

      Connection motive steam:

      • from 1“ / DN 25

      Max. temperature:

      • +750°C


      • Excellent control characteristic even at part load
      • Cooling to temperature set point close to saturated steam
      • extreme short evaporation time 
      • Compact design
      • Designed for continuous operation
      Motive Steam Nozzle


      BORSIG ValveTech GmbH

      BORSIG ValveTech GmbH offers high-pressure control and shut-off valves for extreme operating conditions, a comprehensive valve service and complete solutions for compressor valves.

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