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Plate Valves

BORSIG ValveTech plate valves are universal for all gases and applications.  Depending on the operating conditions the valve plates are made from different materials such as PEEK, PA, GFK and steel. The advantage of non-metallic valve plates is a significantly higher durability in the case of liquid hammers e.g. caused by condensates. Uncomplicated but effective installation of plate valves enables a prompt overhaul, which is of crucial importance in cases when there is no service support around the site. In addition, our long term experience has shown that consequential damage to valves, cranks and cylinders is much smaller if non-metallic plates break. Thanks to the design of valve seats with variable slot widths, the valves’ reliability has been proven over decades, even under extreme conditions such as applications with heavily polluted gases:

  • proven principle
  • sustainable sealing effect
  • narrow sealing face helps to reduce adhesive effect resulting from overlubrication.
Plate valve
Fragmentary sectional view of a plate valve for reciprocating compressor
Plate valve


BORSIG ValveTech GmbH

BORSIG ValveTech GmbH offers high-pressure control and shut-off valves for extreme operating conditions, a comprehensive valve service and complete solutions for compressor valves.

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