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Flat or convex
Universal for all gases

Ring Valves

BORSIG ValveTech ring valves with high-performance non-metallic valve rings in a flat or convex form are universal for all gases and applications. The advantage of the ring valves is the rotation of the valve rings which results in very uniform wear and self-cleaning effect. Due to their individual motion rings are especially resistant to liquid hammers.

Similar to plate valves, valves with flat-formed rings can normally be machined on a conventional turning lathe, which means a relatively easy retrofitting.

Furthermore the convex form guarantees favourable aerodynamic characteristics of the medium flow under compression inside the valve. Thus the convex form is generally more efficient due to: 

  • streamlined design
  • higher suitability for contaminated environment
Ring valve, fragmentary sectional view
Ring valve
Fragmentary sectional view of a ring valve for reciprocating compressor
Ring valve


BORSIG ValveTech GmbH

BORSIG ValveTech GmbH offers high-pressure control and shut-off valves for extreme operating conditions, a comprehensive valve service and complete solutions for compressor valves.