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BORSIG Fuel Gas Conditioning

Fuel gas taken from the sources available at site and in particular in remote production locations often does not meet the high quality standards required for pipeline injection or for utilisation in modern high efficiency gas turbines or engines.
The BORSIG Fuel Gas Conditioning Technology provides a non-sophisticated, cost effective and highly reliable solution for gas treatment in order to enhance the gas quality for utilisation as a fuel gas for gas motors or to comply with respective pipeline specifications and requirements like e.g. calorific-value or methane number.

BORSIG Fuel Gas Conditioning
BORSIG Fuel Gas Conditioning
Fuel Gas Conditioning
Fuel Gas Conditioning
Fuel Gas Conditioning
Fuel Gas Conditioning


The fuel gas quality is specified in terms of minimum methane content, methane number, dewpoint or calorific value or other closely related parameters. All these parameters are determined by the content of higher hydrocarbons in the fuel gas. 
The raw gas is typically taken out directly of a high pressure line at site or compressed by a separate compressor and routed to the membrane unit. The heavier hydrocarbons (C3+) are separated preferentially and are concentrated on the low pressure side of the membrane. The lean residue of the membrane provides the high quality fuel product gas.

The benefits

  • High C3+ removal
  • High equipment reliability and on-stream availability
  • Completely assembled compact process units
  • Easiest integration into existing facilities
  • Minimum of supervision and maintenance
  • Prolonged life time of gas turbines or engines and related components
  • Particularly suitable for offshore applications and remote locations

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