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Flow control technology

CONTROL SPHERE® Control Ball Valve

Today’s demand for increased efficiency and flexibility that comes along with higher temperatures, increased pressures and high cycling requires specific engineered valves. We design and manufacture high quality trunnion mounted ball valves tailored to your specific control processes by using customized control discs.

Our control valve product line is engineered to suit very high differential pressure applications giving you an exceptionally high rangeability for your plant operation.

Control Ball Valve
Control Ball Valve

Product Characteristics


  • NPS 1” – 36”
  • DN 25 – 900



  •  ANSI 600 – 2500
  •  PN 100 – 420

Sealing System:

  • Metal to Metal (MM)
  • Primary Metal,
  • Secondary Soft (PMSS)


  • Split Body or Fully Welded
  • Side Entry or Top Entry
  • Trunnion Mounted
  • Forged or Casted Steel



  • Ceramic
  • Tungsten Carbid
  • Nickel
  • Chrome
  • PTFE


  • Customized control disc for linear, equal percentage or individual control
  • Multi-pressure reduction design 
  • Anti-static design 
  • Single or double piston 
  • Double block and bleed 
  • Anti-blowout stem 
  • Vent and drain connection 
  •  Emergency sealant injection 
  • Bi-directional
  • Fire safe design
Regelkugelhahn Borsig
Control Ball Valve
Control Ball Valve


BORSIG Valve Program

The BORSIG valve program "made in Germany" is focussing on high pressure control and shut-off valves for extreme operating conditions. The company looks back on more than 60 years of valve experience and has manufactured over 50,000 control and shut-off valves.