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Transfer Line Exchangers

Additonal combinations

We supply steam drums for a steam pressure of up to 165 bar (16,500 kPa) and a steam mass flow of up to 500 t/h.

The steam drums are equipped with a demister to separate the steam from the water. On request, we can also install additional cyclones as extra water separators. 

Other features of the steam drums are:

  • Separation chambers for clear flow conditions
  • Vortex breaker on the down comer connections
  • Thermal sleeve nozzles for the boiler feed water inlet
  • Feed water distribution line
  • Connection to chemical dosing system
  • Blowdown tube
  • Instrument nozzles
  • Oval manholes with self-sealing covers

The steam drums can also be supplied with a full set of instruments.

We supply feed water preheaters for a wide range of applications in the petrochemical industry.

The feed water preheater can be equipped with both straight tubes and also U-shaped tubes. The boiler is designed with thick tube sheets due to the low gas inlet and gas outlet temperatures. The tube ends are hydraulically expanded over the tube sheet thickness and welded at the tube sheet. The tube bundle is designed with tie rods and baffle plates.

Baffles guarantee a targeted flow of water around the tube bundle.

Feed water preheaters can also be integrated as a separate tube bundle in the steam drum.

Thin, flexible tube sheets can also be used.



Ethylene is the basic product for the fabrication of plastics. Ethylene (C2H4) and some other byproducts like propylene are produced by thermal cracking of hydrocarbons in pyrolysis furnaces in the presence of steam. Predominantly ethane, naphtha and other mineral oil fractions are used as feedstocks.