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Compressor Service

Service from one source – on site across the globe

For us, a “decision for life” means continued customer service even after commissioning.

As one of the leading manufacturers of compressor systems, we also offer you a comprehensive service from one source. Our after sales service offers you flexible and efficient support, regardless of the make of your compressor.

In addition to competence and the long-time experience of our staff in compressor  manufacturing, one of our strengths is the outstanding quality of our services in accordance with our excellent OEM quality standards.

  • Decades of experience in the manufacturing of new  compressors and maintenance of compressor units
  • Service, conversion and modernisation for reciprocating and centrifugal compressors made by BORSIG ZM as well as by other manufacturers
  • Comprehensive spare parts supply
Compressor services, re-engineering and modernization
Compressor services, re-engineering and modernization of reciprocating compressor unit
Compressor services, re-engineering and modernization

24 - hour hotline

24h hotline available 365 days a year

Phone: +49 3764 5390 5120


Compressor services
Compressor services, maintenance works at reciprocating compressor unit, spare parts management
Compressor services

Valve Service/ Engineering

In cooperation with an other BORSIG company BORSIG ValveTech GmbH in Gladbeck, we offer a wide range of compressor valve services:

  • Spare parts for compressor valves of all common types
  • Testing of valves
  • Damage analysis
  • Valve reconditioning and modification
Compressor services
Compressor services, installation and commissioning of reciprocating compressor unit
Compressor services
Compressor services
Compressor services, re-engineering and reproduction of compressor components
Compressor services
Compressor services
Compressor services, installation and commissioning of centrifugal compressor unit
Compressor services

Profit from our know-how.

We offer this extensive service to all customers from the petrochemical and chemical industry, companies that are involved in the storage and transportation of gases, manufacturers of technical gases, companies in the environmental and supply engineering and operators of power plants.

Portfolio of Services:

  • Erecting the compressor on its foundation/ erection of the compressor skid by our specialists
  • Efficient field management and supervision maintaining close contact with our customers  
  • Coordination of connected external contractors and the customers' staff  
  • Process control and programming
  • Commissioning and monitoring  of compressor units
  • Machine-specific instruction for compressor operation
  • OEM supplier of spare and wear parts for BORSIG ZM reciprocating and centrifugal compressor units
  • Repair and rapid manufacturing of parts and components for all compressor makes
  • Use of state-of-the-art engineering and casting technologies
  • Maintenance and service agreements according to customer’s requirements
  • Manpower and resource planning incl. spare parts management
  • Tuned to your budget and process conditions
  • Services from basic service by supervision up to and including full service handling
  • Maintenance planning and consulting
  • Component diagnosis and evaluation
  • Repair or substitution of defective parts or components
  • Elimination of compressor malfunctions
  • Error location and breakdown diagnosis
  • 24h hotline available 365 days a year:
  • Phone: +49 3764 5390-5120, E-mail:
  • Feasibility studies
  • Redesign of units with changed process parameters
  • General overhaul / revamp of compressor units
  • Increase of performance and improvement of machine efficiency
  • Re-engineering and reproduction of components, assemblies and complete compressors of all makes
  • Optimization of the maintainability
  • Consultancy and design of monitoring systems
  • Application fields and functional principle of compressor units
  • Design and functional principle of the main components
  • Introduction into machine-specific features
  • Professional handling of particular components
  • Safe operation and professional maintenance of BORSIG ZM compressor units
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Error location and causal research
  • Current developments and modernization options
Compressor services
Compressor services, practical in-house training at reciprocating compressor
Compressor services
Compressor services
Compressor services, spare parts management, mechanical cylinder processing
Compressor services
Compressor services
Compressor services, quality control after repair of piston rod
Compressor services

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