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Corporate Responsibility


Integrity, fairness and the acceptance of responsibility for everyday dealings with staff, partners and customers take top priority for us. Our guidelines are the cornerstones of our success. They are based on core ethical and corporate values such as respect, transparency and honesty and they include issues such as environmental protection and occupational safety.

Corporate Guidelines

We strive for a strong market and financial position in order to run BORSIG successfully within the KNM group.

We manufacture our products in a way that is environmentally sustainable and as cost effective as possible for the benefit of our customers. As such, we create an optimum price-performance ratio. Moreover, we are constantly working on optimising the operating, quality assurance and production structures. To this end, we consistently use information from our customers and partners to improve our business processes.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We develop products, processes and services on the highest technical level and use our resources for the benefit of a successful partnership with our customers.

Safety, health and environmental protection

Safety, health and environmental protection rank at least equally with economic concerns. We demand and encourage the safety, health and environmental awareness of all our employees and strive for continuous improvement in target agreements.

One of our main objectives is to minimise the impact on people and the environment from the production, storage, transport, sale, use and disposal of our products.

Respect and dialogue

We seek and foster open dialogue within the company, with our business partners, with our neighbours and interested members of the public. We encourage our staff to use their creativity and potential for common success and thereby create the conditions for strengthening the individual initiative and corporate action of every individual. We respect the employee representatives as partners and work with them in mutual respect and trust.


We always abide by the law and stand up for fair competition. Here, we always act in accordance with our values. We value and respect the generally accepted customs and practices of the countries in which we operate.

In our activities, the interests of BORSIG take precedence over personal interests. We protect company property from misuse.

Environmental Protection

Today, the success of a company can no longer be considered purely in terms of economic aspects. Rather, a balance must be found between economic, ecological and social objectives. These three pillars of sustainability do not conflict with each other but rather form the foundation for the long-term success of a company, as sustainability is the foundation for future viability.

This applies for society and politics but equally for a company operating sustainably in economic terms, which wants to take an active position in society and is able to assert itself in competition. Companies that are profitable and viable in the long-term offer solutions for the tasks facing the economy, society and the environment today and tomorrow. Future viability creates lasting values, which is why sustainable economic activity is very important to us.

These values are not only established in corporate policy and documented in tried and tested standards and directives; we also observe them within our inward and outward actions. Our corporate policy integrates the economic, social and ecological aspects of performance. This results in a corporate value orientation that is sustainable in the long term and in corresponding economic success.

Since 2009, the BORSIG group sites in Berlin, Gladbeck, Meerane and Rheinfelden have also been certified under DIN EN ISO 14001 in the context of the integrated management system.


  • Environmental policy at BORSIG

We have set ourselves the objective of continuously improving operational environmental protection on all sites. To this end, the management has adopted a binding corporate policy and published this in the integrated management handbook (quality, environmental and occupational safety management). The environmental policy is a further development of our corporate guidelines already in place, the objective of which is also the environmental sustainability of products, production materials and processes.

Our environmental policy forms the basis for the establishment of the specific, environmental objectives and measures.


  • Responsibility for environmental protection at BORSIG

…begins with the management, which establishes the environmental policy and actively supports its observance for the achievement of sustainable development. The appointed “Management Representative” represents the company on all issues in the environmental management system. Environmental aspects of the environmental management system are integrated into the decision-making and action structure of the company. The environmental protection obligation demands responsible action on the part of all of our employees.


  • BORSIG is committed

… to observance of the relevant environmental legislation and regulations and of its own objectives. In the context of our planning, control and monitoring systems, progress in operational environmental protection will be evaluated regularly and, as far as possible, in a qualified form. The effects of activities on the local surroundings will also be assessed and monitored.


  • At annual intervals, BORSIG will establish

… the environmental objectives and programmes with the organisational units. In order to ensure the success of the operational environmental protection, we will perform an internal audit at least once per year. Together with the Environmental Protection Officer, the heads of the organisational units will thereby check the effect of environmental policy and environmental protection measures and ensure the fulfilment of all legal requirements.


  • Through consideration of environmental aspects

… in the development processes, BORSIG is constantly improving the environmental sustainability of the manufacturing processes and products. The entire production cycle is reviewed with respect to its weak points. In the procedures, activities and processes, preventive measures are taken in good time in co-operation between the organisational units with the Environmental Protection Officer.

  • At BORSIG, the Environmental Protection Officer prepares

… emergency plans for all environment-related activities and processes, if applicable in co-operation with other BORSIG GmbH officers, the authorities and the institutions and organisational units concerned. The necessary organisational and technical measures are taken to prevent the release of substances or energy as a result of accidents.


  • In the planning and introduction of new processes, BORSIG is guided

… by the latest technology in the responsible use of energy, raw materials and consumables. Constant improvements in operational environmental protection are achieved by means of appropriate measures and projects.


  • BORSIG strives for environmentally friendly energy use

… which aims to reduce specific energy consumption.


  • BORSIG takes technical and organisational measures

… to constantly check and reduce the amount of waste. Polluting emissions and waste water are therefore limited to a minimum. The effects of the ongoing activities are monitored regularly. Soil pollution is also avoided by constant checking where possible.


  • BORSIG involves suppliers and service providers

… in its efforts to improve environmental protection. Precautions are taken to ensure that the contracting parties working on the company site adhere to the environmental standards of the company.


  • On request, BORSIG customers receive information

… relating to the handling, use, recycling and disposal of our products. For our deliveries to customers, logistically environmentally friendly transport is used as far as possible.


  • BORSIG works with authorities, other companies and the public

… in a trusting and honest relationship on environmental protection issues. We provide all of the information needed in order to understand the environmental impact of the company.

Occupational Safety and Health

With our SCC certification, we guarantee adherence to high standards in respect of occupational safety and the protection of health. Here, occupational safety management (SCC) is one component of the integrated management system.

  • For us, safety and the avoidance of accidents as well as protection of health and the environment rank at least equally with economic concerns. We demand and encourage the safety, health and environmental awareness of all our employees and strive for continuous improvement in target agreements.
  • The environmental and safety awareness of all employees must be encouraged in order to prevent damage to the customer and subcontractors.
  • Measures and improvements needed in the areas of safety and health are implemented before official requirements.
  • The strain on people and the environment is minimised.
  • Here, we have an occupational safety specialist and appointed officers, who provide support and advice across the company.

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