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BORSIG has been satisfying customers all over the world with pressure vessels, heat exchangers, process gas compressors, trend-setting membrane technology and innovative services from a single source for over 180 years.

Our products are used in plants of all leading companies of the chemical and petrochemical industry, oil and gas industry and energy production. BORSIG stands for leading technologies made in Germany, for the highest quality, reliability, state-of-the-art production methods and innovation.

Every day, highly qualified teams of engineers, technicians, production and service staff set themselves the goal of developing, manufacturing only the best systems and machines and installing them at their final destination. This is the reason why BORSIG products perform uncompromisingly well on site. They are efficient, reliable and an investment in the future even under the most demanding conditions.


BORSIG ZM Compression GmbH is the world's leading manufacturer of compressor systems for process gases. 

Pressure vessels / heat exchangers

BORSIG supplies equipment for cooling gases with high temperatures (up to 1,500 °C) and high pressures.(up to 35,000 kPa) for the chemical and petrochemical industry.

membrane technology

BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH is an internationally renowned company offering innovative membrane technology solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.


BORSIG Valve Tech GmbH offers custom-tailored valve solutions including engineering, manufacturing and services of high pressure control and shut-off valves for extreme operating conditions as well as compressor parts and services.

Industrial and power plant service

The BORSIG Service GmbH offers comprehensive services for energy technology, chemicals and petrochemicals as well as oil, gas and water supply.

BORSIG Service participates in Europe's largest heat storage facility in Berlin


Europe's largest heat storage facility with a capacity of 56,000m³ is currently being built in Berlin-Spandau. It will be connected to the Berlin district heating network by the end of 2022. BORSIG Service GmbH has been commissioned to integrate this heat storage facility into the existing power plants. High-performance pumps and pipelines and intelligent control technology will ensure efficient use of the regeneratively generated heat.

In this way, BORSIG is helping to support the capital's plans to become climate-neutral by 2050. In the future, the existing power-to-heat plant will generate its energy from wind and solar power. An important part of the plant, the electrode boiler, was already completed in 2019. All the other components and pipelines are due to be installed in the coming year. The plant's heat storage tank will hold up to 56 million litres of water. The 120 MWth system will be able to cover 10 % of Berlin's total energy demand in the future. More than 30,000 flats will benefit from being connected to the district heating network.

BORSIG Service GmbH is a long-established Berlin company based in Berlin-Tegel and, as one of the most important suppliers, offers a wide range of services in the field of energy technology as well as oil, gas and water supply. As far back as the 1980s, BORSIG built a coal-fired boiler the Reuter West power station.

Power-to-heat plants use electricity to heat water like a large immersion heater. The warm water is stored in a tank (heat storage) and is available to the Berlin district heating network on demand. The project guarantees greater stability to the heat supply and more flexible feed-in options. The Berlin district heating network is an interconnected system and, with the construction of an additional power-to-heat plant, the shortfall of other power plants can be better compensated. Using renewable energies will help Berlin meet its goal of becoming fossil-free within the next 30 years.



Egellsstrasse 21, 13507 Berlin

Phone +49 (0) 30-4301 01
Fax +49 (0) 30-4301 2236

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