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32. CONTROL SPHERE® control ball valves  
Design: Split Body or Fully Welded Side Entry or Top Entry Trunnion Mounted Forged or Casted Steel Coatings: Ceramic Tungsten Carbid Nickel Chrome PTFE Features …  
33. SUPERBLOC® Isolation & Emergency Shut-Off Ball Valves  
Features Safety Shut-Off function Fire Safe Test acc. To API 607 & ISO 10497 Anti-Static Design Single or Double Piston Double Block and Bleed Anti-Blowout Stem Vent and Drain…  
34. Desuperheaters  
Number of nozzles: 6-21 Control ratio: 1:50 Sealing System: Metal to Metal Anschluss Dampfleitung: from 3“ / DN 80 Max. temperature: +630°C Pressure class:…  
35. Home  
BORSIGWORLD-LEADING PROCESS TECHNOLOGY MADE IN GERMANY BORSIG has been satisfying customers all over the world with pressure vessels, heat exchangers, process gas compressors, trend-setting…  
36. Industrial and Power Plant Service  
24-hour hotline and our mobile service unit24-hour hotline and our mobile service unitWorkshop The Gladbeck site of BORSIG Process Heat Exchanger GmbH has all the necessary workshop equipment and…  
37. Valves  
Send an inquirySpare PartsShut-off ball valves We offer bubble-tight isolation and emergency shut-off valves, tested to the limit to ensure performance and integrity even under the most…  
38. Compressor Valves  
Piston Rod Seals & Reconditioning BORSIG ValveTech piston rod seals have the task of sealing the cylinder chamber at the piston rod passage to the atmosphere (crank end).Piston Rod Seals &…  
39. Plate Valves  
Plate Valves BORSIG ValveTech plate valves are universal for all gases and applications.  Depending on the operating conditions the valve plates are made from different materials such as…  
40. Motive Steam Nozzles  
Features Excellent control characteristic even at part load Cooling to temperature set point close to saturated steam extreme short evaporation time  Compact design Designed for…  
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