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Dehydration of azeotropic mixtures of solvents by pervaporation

BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH has successfully expanded the advanced liquid separation portfolio by its new product BORSIG Pevaporation Unit.

Pervaporation is a membrane-based process that is used for the dehydration of various azeotropic solvent mixtures.

The heart of the BORSIG Pervaporation Unit are the high -performance PERVAPTM membranes from DeltaMem AG.

In 2019, BORSIG, together with DeltaMem, planned and built a unit for ethanol dehydration for an Asian customer from the pharmaceutical industry. The plant is designed for continuous drying of ethanol (initial water content of 10 wt%) down to a water content of 0.5 wt%. The pervaporation unit was delivered in September 2019