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BORSIG Service - Renovation completed

In 2019, BORSIG Service GmbH successfully completed an extremely demanding renovation program at its power plant customers.

Particularly noteworthy are the RWE boiler renewals with two major maintenance measures at the Neurath sites, which the BORSIG service team, together with the RWE specialist departments, completed in time and with their customary high quality:

Neurath Block F

The first maintenance measure included Engineering - Construction - Manufacturing - Assembly of 8 interceptors for the return suction baskets.

The technical challenge was to relieve the damage-prone bends of the return suction baskets by modifying the load application from the wrapped evaporator part. The connection to the pipe walls in the T24 area of the boiler was just as unproblematic as the assembly of the complex interception system. Within approx. 6 weeks, more than 90 tons of steel construction, constant hangers and pipe walls were installed and put into operation under very tight spatial conditions.

Neurath Block D

The second maintenance measure included Engineering - Construction - Manufacturing - Assembly of the surrounding membrane pipe walls (about 225 square meters) in the area of the transition from the oblique to the vertical pipe including the carriage band heads.

The replacement was necessary because in recent years there has been an increase in pipe damage in this highly stressed area. The membrane pipe walls were prefabricated in segments in the workshop and heat-treated so as not to additionally stress the highly stressed area by welding. For the replacement of the membrane wall segments, at the same time about 750 tons were temporarily intercepted by specially designed clamping devices. Approx. 3,200 round welds were welded in the workshop and approx. 6,000 during assembly.

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